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We are actively recruiting the following groups of participants:

  • individuals with autism spectrum disorders

  • polyglots

  • individuals with cerebral palsy

  • French-English and English-French bilinguals

  • Russian-English bilinguals.


Please get in touch with us if you are one of these individuals.

Brain Bioelectric Activity
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Join The Team

We are always looking for bright minds to join our team. To work in our lab, you need to be ambitious, curious, and committed.

We are most likely to accept students who excel academically (grades above 85%), have done relevant coursework (Research Methods, Statistics, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience), and have strong interest in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language.

Students interested in graduate school should apply to the Department of Cognitive Science.   

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Research in our lab centers on exploring neurocognitive mechanisms of language and communication in neurotypical individuals and individuals with developmental disorders, like autism.

In our research, we use a variety of behavioral and neuroimaging techniques, including eye-tracking, EEG/ERP, fNIRS, and fMRI.

We are open to collaborations with researchers working in the field of neurobiology of language.

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